XWALLS allows for floor to ceiling deviations in ensuring a secure and solid construction. Aluminum powder coated structural posts act as sturdy plinth for both floor and ceiling alignment. XWALLS housing can also contain cabling and wiring within its framing structure (i.e. BX cabling for electrical outlets and CAT6 cabling for RJ45), as well as within the baseboard.

  • Allows for adjustments at the top and bottom of framing
  • Custom sizes and floor leveling accommodate standard and off-leveled floor conditions
  • Powder coated aluminum frame housing wire and cable friendly
  • integration to base building floor results in minimal impact when walls are reconfigured or relocated

XWALLS allows for multitude of configurations in creating layouts of your office floor plan to enrich workflow and overall interconnectivity. XWALLS 4 way posts highlight interconnectivity among offices, doors and your entire floor space. The open housing cavity of 4 way structural post allows integration of building electrical, data, and communications infrastructure for interconnected offices.

  • Structural posts secure the two superimposed 5mm-thick tempered glass panels
  • Connections between offices seamless
  • Back to back office connectivity possibility
  • Quadrant structuring and integration of wire/cable friendly design

XWALLS can be demounted, moved, reconfigured and reused with its innovative snap fastening technology. XWALLS snap fastening technology allows for glass panel fixtures to be installed without the need for toxic sealants, or permanent adhesives which run the risk of degradation and reapplication over time. Snap Fasteners once installed stay in place and ensure sturdy construction while allowing for mobility if the need for reconfiguration were ever to arise.

  • Snap fastener technology allows for mobility & reconfigurations
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Solid and secure in construction

XWALLS allows for customized door sizing to be integrated into system. Range in veneer finishes, sizes and types to fit your design preferences. Glass Doors are available as well as MFC wood finished sliding “barn door” or standard “swing doors” with various custom XWALLS lock hardware to meet specifications. Door Finishes range in custom specifications in laminate, MFC veneer selections, glass tempered clear, frosted, tinted among other custom finishes made available upon request.

  • Full Height doors to fit floor to ceiling
  • Doors with top MFC paneling available
  • Sliding Doors or Swing doors
  • Door finishes range in tints, frosting, laminate, MFC finishes

XWALLS has the ability to integrate with existing furniture and fixtures. The powdered coated aluminum frames seamlessly integrate with existing drywall. Sizing of XWALLS housing depths are made to match standard drywall to ensure continuity in wall-to-wall assimilation of mixed mediums (i.e. Drywall-to-glass-to-MFC).

  • Dry wall-to-XWALLS smooth finish and clean integration
  • Housing depth sizing for XWALLS matches existing standard dry wall fixtures
  • Allows for modern mixed media wall-to-wall finishes
  • XWALLS allows for curvature shape configurations with corner framing to fit and flow with existing furniture and wall fixtures

XWALLS powdered coated aluminum panel divider frames incorporate glass and mixed medium such as wood panelling in providing levels in dimensional aesthetics. Firmly securing glass and wood panels within structure and integrates surrounding fixtures. The panel dividers also allow for wire and cables to be encased in ensuring seamless continuity throughout floor plan.

  • Secure standard panelling options that include a variety of mfc wood veneer finishes
  • Provides multilevels of mixed media between glass and wood finishes in creating a more compelling and sophisticated aesthetic

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