Imagine entering your place of business welcomed by the refined beauty and allure of natural sunlight seeping through glass walls, enlarging spaces and fuelling your work with creative energy. You are at ease in a space where you are free to work towards your vision for the future, surrounded by windows of opportunity. XWALLS brightens your day with light and connects you to the world through design and technology.

Imprinting great impressions in an instant that last, XWALLS adds a modern edge to your organization in exuding professional sophistication, awe inspiring anyone who enters your transformative XWALLS space. Unlike any other partition system that divides spaces, our layered glass panels define spaces through inspired design compositions that accentuate architectural styled details. Your vision for your company can be interpreted and transcribed onto the very walls that define your place of business.

XWALLS ability to integrate your brand’s aesthetic vision is seamless and the possibilities for creative design are endless. With the numerous options available, your desire for a visually striking and rewarding environment will be fulfilled to meet your specifications.

  • Allow your walls to speak and present on your behalf to all who step into your space for a great first impression
  • XWALLS allow for décor fill of varying texture, print, color, grain, and patterned paneling
  • Décor fills and design utilized to bring together a cohesive brand design
  • Integrate XWALLS with other architectural elements to your space while carving your brand image
  • Exhibit custom-made art fixtures, display your personalized product samples, organizational history and growth within XWALLS glass paneling
  • Elevate your organization’s space with a transformative unified vision.
  • Wide array of design configurations allow you to specify your aesthetic tastes

XWALLS can transform your space into your organization’s showcase of innovative development, as an archival exhibit of growth or simply an awe-inspiring gallery of exquisite taste in art.

Spaces that are conventionally unthinkable can be achieved with XWALLS. Our patented, customizable, modular, dual glass wall system consists of two superposed tempered glass panels. This system can be used in any building environment and essentially anywhere on the floor plate.

  • Our designs can accommodate up to 12ft ceilings and 6ft widths
  • Can be made for a full floor or partial floor solution without significant change in complexity or lead-time.
  • XWALLS can customize partitions and inserts so you can create the office shape and size that caters to your furnishing needs
  • Traditional, straight hallway design or a modern, curved space design- various office shapes and sizes can be configured to fit your floor plan layout
  • Myriad of options in regards to glass finishes that optimize privacy and luminosity levels to ensure maximum usability
  • Glass finishes: Clear to Frosted to Tinted to Tint-On-Demand, we have it all.
  • Non-glass finishes are also provided, allowing our system to work perfectly with existing drywall , other wall systems or incorporating various mediums (ie. MCF wood)
  • Double tier with mixed medium on various panel levels (ie. Glass and MCF)

Managing space efficiently to enhance an organized workflow has never been easier. Shape your organization in the direction of your vision with XWALLS.

XWALLS is designed to allow natural light to cascade through for many hours of the day, creating a spacious and healthy atmosphere.

  • Natural light has been shown to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Ability to personalize spaces has also been shown improve productivity, provide comfort leading to effectiveness , improve creativity and overall sense ownership in the workplace.

XWALLS dual glass paneling liberates you from boring office spaces by integrating elements of varying dimensions and depth to be encased into the glass paneling.

  • Encased elements in XWALLS glass paneling can be floral, nature elements inspired (i.e. Branches, leaves, bonsai trees)
  • Abstract art
  • Creative designs or graphic work on vinyl glass decor
  • Tech elements – lighting effects
  • Screens exhibiting slideshows, sceneries and landscapes.

Allow your office space to be decorated and designed to suit your unique tastes to display creative expression inside and out.

XWALLS is your Eco-Friendly alternative to other wall systems, as our construction and design philosophy dictate a clean build that ensures careful selection and implementation to minimize environmental impact from the point of manufacture and throughout the entire life of the product.

  • We are committed to creating solutions that are 100% reusable, with no parts destined to landfills.
  • Our simple modularity allows for customization throughout the lifecycle of the office, without any need to order new parts or waste existing ones.
  • Even major changes can be accomplished without wasting existing infrastructure.

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